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About Us


Somo General Trading Company Limited

Our company is one of the leading Iraqi companies working in the field of supplying the requirements of advanced industrial companies, including production lines, equipment, various devices, and packaging materials. The company was established in 2004 in Baghdad. Since its founding until today, the company has maintained its independence as a national Iraqi company and has achieved various licenses that have earned it the trust of customers. It is famous for its wide reputation in various industrial fields in general and in the pharmaceutical industrial fields in particular.​

Our vision

Our company operates at the present time according to a mechanism commensurate with the process of technological transformation and commensurate with the need and desire of the industrial customer owned by the private sector or the public sector. And the pharmaceutical industries, which became required after the year 2020 due to the high cost of finished materials imported from abroad. Among the examples of our study is that the pharmaceutical factories that are operating now and that are under construction do not constitute only 35% of the national market demand, so we set among our goals intensification and promotion by expanding The area of the industry through the selection of demand files and the feasible market need, and it was presented to our industrial customers who are interested in maximizing their financial resources, for the purpose of establishing factories with high economic feasibility while keeping pace with the global production environment by establishing smart factories to match quality requirements, developing qualitative production lines, leaving quantitative production and creating a new competition factor With a large financial return added to other success factors.